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Prior to the release of a native tool by Microsoft, you’d have required installing third-party apps on your smartphone and Windows 10 PC to exchange links. The release of “Continue on PC” along with Microsoft Edge browser on Android, however, simplifies the whole process link to some extent. You can now connect your smartphones, running Android or iOS, to all of your Windows 10 desktops, laptops or even tablet PCs. It has recently debuted its own Microsoft Launcher on Android and Edge browser in preview on both Android and iOS. The latter ports some of the prominent features of the desktop Edge browser to mobile, with a new feature called “Continue on PC” being the highlight. It allows you to share the website open on your mobile browser to your Windows 10 PC instantly, something which will come in handy if you’re a regular Microsoft Edge user. So, here are the steps you need to follow to set up this feature and switch between devices with just a touch of a button.

Before you tap or click Add a Device, be sure the device is connected to your computer or your home network and turned on. After you select Add a Device, Windows 8.1 scans your computer and shows any found devices in a pop-up list. You can then select the item you want to add to the Devices list in Windows 8.1. Notice that for some of the devices in the list, a status indicator shows whether the device is ready, offline, or needs your attention. This helps you know, for example, whether your printer is turned on and ready to receive files you send to be printed. Select the "Photos" tab to get access to images on your Note 10, including photos and screenshots. Keep in mind that the number of available images is currently limited to the 25, but it may expand in future updates.

If you want to disable OneDrive quickly, you can choose to unlink it. This removes your Microsoft account from OneDrive, logging you out and preventing files from your OneDrive account from syncing to your PC at all. If you only want to disable OneDrive temporarily, the best option is to pause file syncing. This will stop the OneDrive app from uploading any changes to your local files to OneDrive servers, or from retrieving any changes from your online OneDrive storage.

The type of information you see depends on the device you’re using and the problems Windows 8.1 finds. When Windows 8.1 locates a problem, it asks whether you want to apply the selected fix or skip it. With the Devices category selected in the PC and Devices screen, connect your device. If Windows 8.1 missed one of the devices you feel should be on the device list, you can scan again to see whether the device is discoverable.

  • If the above methods do not meet your requirements, you can assign the Windows 10 Snipping tool to the Print screen key.
  • It lets me take a screenshot with the ability to draw on them.
  • Alternatively, open the Snipping tool from the Start Menu.
  • You can also use the Snip and Sketch tool of Windows to take a screenshot without the Print screen button.

Other Ways Of Connecting Your Phone And Pc

For those unaware, the ‘Link to Windows’ does pretty much similar things to what you can do with Your Phone Companion app. With the ‘Link to Windows’ feature, you’ll be able to access your recent photos, text messages, notifications, and mobile apps right on your PC. Microsoft also promised that it will add the ability to make and receive mobile calls directly from your PC to the feature list.

On Chrome for iOS, turning off the Open Tabs sync setting will disable the ‘Send to Your Devices’ option on the Chrome Share Sheet and stop links sent from other devices from showing up. As a reminder, this will also prevent you from seeing active tabs on your other devices whenever you visit the Recent Tabs section on the Chrome tab switcher. XPS is a type of file that was designed by Microsoft, to replace Adobe’s PDF. XPS Services and XPS Viewer are features that allow users to create, print and preview XPS documents in your computer. If you don’t have any plans to use, disable them is a good idea. Enabling this feature on your Windows computer will allow you to use Fax or Scan devices that connected to your PC. If you don’t use any of these devices, just turn off this feature.

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Picking Out Advice In Dll

Windows 10 uses the Internet a lot to support many of its features. The operating system also sports numerous knobs to twiddle that are supposed to disable most of these features and the potentially privacy-compromising connections that go with them.

Picking Out Immediate Products For Dll

When a list of Bluetooth wireless devices appears, select Logitech Keyboard K480 and click Next. Usually, phone networks are able to provide voice and data services simultaneously. If you can’t use voice and data in a meeting at the same time, check to see that your device is VoLTE enabled.